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Under The Moonlight [Lester, Nick] [15]
Survival [Lester/Nick, Connor] [15]
In Private [Lester/Nick] [18]
Good Boy [Lester/Nick] [15]
Choc Drops[Lester/Nick, Abby, Connor] [12]
Forgiveness [Lester/Nick] [18]
Waiting For The Other Shoe [Connor] [12]
Facing His Fears  [Lester/Nick, Abby, Connor, Jenny, Leek] [18]
Betrayal? [Helen, Stephen, implied Helen/Stephen] [15]
Outed [Lester/Nick, the mammoth, Leek] [15]
The Hunt [Lester/Nick, Abby, Connor, Ditzy (OC), Jenny, Leek, Ryan] [15]
Watching The Night [Lester/Nick] [18]
Understanding [Lester/Nick, OCs] [18]
Holiday's End [Lester/Nick] [18]
Home [Lester/Nick, OCs] [12]
Summoned [Lester/Nick, Christine Johnson, OCs] [15]
Return To Me [Lester/Nick, Jenny, Blade (OC), OC] [15]
Going Home [Lester/Nick, Ryan, Helen] [15]
Interactions and Revelations [Lester/Nick, Ryan, Sarah Masters (OC)] [15]
Incorrigible [Lester/Nick, Jenny, Kermit (OC)] [18]
First Meeting  [Lester/Nick, Kermit, Sarah (OC),  Matthew (OC), Christopher (OC), Daniel (OC)] [12]
Return to the ARC? [Lester, Ditzy (OC)/SFOC] [18]
Celebrations [Lester/Nick] [18]
Power Play [Lester/Nick, Blade (OC), Christine, Connor, Helen, Jenny, Lorraine, Stephen] [18]
Countermeasures [Lester/Nick, Abby, Christine, Connor, Jenny, Ryan, Lyle] [12]
Misunderstandings [Lester, Blade/Lorraine, Lyle] [15]]
The Perfect Night [Lorraine Wickes/Blade, follows on from Misunderstanding] [12]
Interference [Lester/Nick, Becker, Jenny, Lorraine, Ryan] [15]
Relaxation Techniques [Lester/Nick, Lyle] [18]
Practice Makes Perfect [Lester/Nick, Connor, Ryan] [15]
Exasperation [Lester/Nick] [12]
Answering Needs [Lester/Nick] [18]
Positioning The Pieces [Lester/Nick, Jenny Lewis, Lorraine Wickes, SFOCs, Mick Harper] [15]
The Next Move [Lester/Nick, Jenny Lewis, Tom Ryan, OC] [18]
Looking For Answers [Lester/Nick, Abby, Becker, Connor, Danny, Jenny, Lyle, Monty, Sid, OCs] [15]
A Walk In The Park [Lester/Nick, Jo (OC)] [12]
The Call Of The Moon {Lester/Nick] [18]
Differences Of Opinion [Lester/Nick, Abby, Becker, Christine, Connor, Finn (OC), Lorraine, Monty, Ryan] [18]
Taking Care [Lester/Nick] [18]
Under The Trees [Lester/Nick] [18] - by Fredbasset
Promises Made [Lester/Nick, OCs] [18]
In The News [Lester/Nick] [18]
Trials And Tribulations [Lester, Ditzy (OC), cameos] [12]

All Hallow's Eve [Lester/Nick, Abby, Connor, Jenny] [18]

Under The Moonlight drabbles
Freedom's Cry [Lester] [12]
Caged [Lester][12]
The Kindness of Strangers [Lester, OC, sequel to Caged] [12]
Forgotten Moonlight [Lester] [12]
Duck [Lester, Kermit] [12]
Hospitals aka Hell on Earth [Lester] [15]
Into Hell [Lester] [15] [sequel to Hospitals aka Hell on Earth]
Frustration [Lester] [15] [sequel to Into Hell]
Holding On [Lester, Nick] [15] [sequel to Frustration]
Awakening [Lester, Nick] [15] [sequel to Holding On]
Relief [Lester, Nick] [15] [sequel to Awakening]
On the Cakes And Ale Trail [Lester, Nick] [12]
Two Ways To Have Fun On The Trail [Lester/Nick] [18]
I Have Something To Tell You [James Lester, OCs] [12]
It's Over [James Lester, OCs] [12]
Mistaken Identity [James Lester, Nick Cutter, OCs] [12]
The Call Of The Wild :[James Lester/Nick Cutter] [12]
Living Dangerously [James Lester, Nick Cutter] [12]
Everything [James Lester/Nick Cutter] [18]
Wolf Amongst The Sheep [James Lester] [12]
Alone [James Lester] [12]
Taking The Day Off [James Lester, Nick Cutter, Jenny Lewis] [12]
In The Beginning [James Lester, Nick Cutter] [15]
Meeting The Past [James Lester/Nick Cutter, Connor Temple] [12]
Meeting The Locals [James Lester/Nick Cutter, Connor Temple, sequel to Meeting The Past] [15]
Meeting Danger Together [James Lester/Nick Cutter, Connor Temple, OCs, sequel to Meeting The Locals] [12]
Different Tastes [James Lester/Nick Cutter] [12]
Time To Hunt [James Lester] [15]
Friends [James Lester, Monty] [12]
Instincts [James Lester] [12]
Up To Her Old Tricks [James Lester] [12]
Mutual Goals [Christine Johnson, Unnamed] [12]
The Wolf Moon [James Lester] [12]
Savoured [James Lester/Nick Cutter] [12]
Enjoying The Snow [James Lester/Nick Cutter] [12]
Temptation [James Lester, Nick Cutter, OC] [12]
A Simpler Life [James Lester] [12]
Snuggling Makes Everything Better [James Lester/Nick Cutter] [12]
On Thin Ice [James Lester, Nick Cutter] [12]
Distracted [James Lester, The Minister] [12]
Cages [James Lester] [12]
Turnabout [James Lester, Nick Cutter] [12]
Classification [James Lester, Nick Cutter] [12]
Making Plans For Valentine's [James Lester, Nick Cutter] [15]
Dirty Little Secret [Christine Johnson, Captain Ross] [12]
Not His Fault [Connor Temple, Nick Cutter] [12]
Burning The Midnight Oil [Nick Cutter/James Lester] [12]
Jumping To Conclusions [Nick Cutter/James Lester, OC] [12]
Foreboding [James Lester] [12]
Weather Sense [James Lester, (Team, Monty)] [12]
Stealing Through The Night [James Lester] [12]
Myths And Monsters [James Lester] [12]
Neighbourhood Watch [James Lester, Jo (OC)] [12]
Options [James Lester, OC] [12]
Taboo Subject [Connor Temple] [12]
The Stone Age [James Lester/Nick Cutter] [12]
Stargazing [Nick Cutter/James Lester] [12]
Celebrating Spring [James Lester/Nick Cutter] [18]
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