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Bloodverse series - Darkfic!
Born By Blood [Lester/Ryan, OCs] [18] Prequel to Bound By Blood
Bathed By Blood [James/Lester/Tom Ryan] [18]
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Beholden By Blood [James Lester/Tom Ryan] [18]
Bound By Blood [Lester/Ryan, Leek/Lester, Jenny, OC] [18]

Claiming series - Dark fic
Claiming [Leek/Lester] [18]
The Mirror Cracked [Leek/Lester] [18]
For Your Own Good [Leek/Lester] [18]
My Precious [Leek/Lester] [18]
Salvation Or Damnation [Lester] [15]
This Time [Lester, Leek, SFOCs] [15]
Together, Forever [Lester, Leek, SFOCs] [15]
Haunted Dreams [Lester] [15]
Bad Day At The Office [Lester] [15]
I'm Fine [Jenny, Lester] [15]
Beautiful and Dangerous [Lester] [18]
Breakdown [Jenny, Lester] [15]
Safe In Your Arms [Jenny, Lester] [15]

Accidents Happen Trilogy
Accidents Happen [Connor/Lester] [15]
The Day After [Connor/Lester] [18]
Dreams Can Come True [Connor/Lester] [18]
Let Me [Connor/Lester, Helen] [15]
Field Trip [Lester, Nick, Helen, OCs] [12]
The Meeting [Connor/Lester, Nick] [12]
Looking After James [Connor/Lester] [18]

Connor's Halloween Party [Connor/Lester] [18]

Reckless series
Reckless [Lester, Nick, drabble] [15]
Reluctant [Lester, Nick, drabble] [15]
Realisation [Lester/Nick] [15]
Reflection [Lester] [15]
Repast [Lester/Nick] [15]
Regroup [Lester/Nick] [15]
Resume [Lester/Nick] [18]
Reciprocation [Lester/Nick] [18]
Research [Lester/Nick] [18]
Resolution [Lester/Nick] [18]
Requite [Lester/Nick] [18]

Trust series
Trust [Lester/Ryan] [18]
Continuing Trust [Lester/Ryan, Karen (OC), Ian (OC), Harry (OC), Janice (OC), sequel to Trust] [18]
That Which Doesn't Kill Us [Lester/Ryan, part of the Trust universe] [18]
No One Can Legislate For Idiots [Lester/Ryan, Claudia Brown, OCs] [18]
Happily Ever After [Lester/Ryan, Janice (OC)] [12]

Endings And Beginnings series

Endings and Beginnings
[Abby/Lester, Ditzy/Lester, Claudia, Connor, Nick, OCs] [18]
Part 1a
Part 1b
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Connor's Bright Idea [James, Connor/Ryan, set during Part 5] [18]
Sex And Surprises [James Lester/David "Ditzy" Owen, James Lester/Abby Maitland, sequel to Endings and Beginnings] [18]
Unfounded Fears [Abby Maitland, James Lester, David "Ditzy" Owen, OC] [12]
Bribery Works Every Time [James Lester/David "Ditzy" Owen, James Lester/Abby Maitland, sequel to Sex And Surprises]

Ultimatum series
Ultimatum [Lester/Stephen] [15]
Commitment [Lester/Stephen, sequel to Ultimatum] [15]
Honeymoon [Lester/Stephen, sequel to Commitment] [18]
Sun, Sea and Smut [Lester/Stephen, sequel to Honeymoon] [18]
Best Time Of My Life [Lester/Stephen, sequel to Sun, Sea and Smut] [18]
On The Beach [Lester/Stephen, sequel to Best Time Of My Life] [18]
In The Morning [Lester/Stephen, sequel to On The Beach] [18]
Stephen And Chips Don't Mix [Lester/Stephen, sequel to In The Morning] [18]

Broken Wings - Dark Fic
Part 1 [Ryan/Lester, Abby, Claudia, Leek, Lyle (OC), Nick] [18]
Part 2 [Ryan/Lester, Ditzy (OC), Kermit (OC), Nick] [18]
Part 3 [Ryan, Nick] [18]
Part 4 [Ryan] [18]
Part 5 [Ryan] [18]
Part 6 [Ryan, Helen/Lester] [18]
Part 7 [Ryan, Nick, Stephen, Abby, Connor, Claudia, OCs] [18]
Part 8 [Ryan, Nick, Abby/Connor, OCs - Dark] [18]
Part 9 [Ryan] [18]
Part 10 [Ryan, Lester, Ethan, Leek] [18 - dubcon]
Part 11 [Ryan, Leek, Danny, Christine] [18]
Part 12 [Ryan, Stephen] [18]
Part 13 [Ryan, Lester, Jenny, Lyle (OC)] [18]
Part 14 [Ryan, Lester, Connor, Abby, Jenny, Lyle (OC), Finn (OC)] [18]
Part 15 [Ryan, Lester, Abby, Jenny] [18]
Part 16 [Ryan, Lester, Abby, Jenny, Monty] [18]
Part 17 [Ryan/Lester, Abby, Connor] [18]

Picking Up Series
Picking Up [Lester/Ryan] [12]
Monsters in the Night [Lester/Ryan] [18]
Celebrating Being Together [Lester/Ryan] [18]
Trials And Rewards [Lester/Ryan, Abby, Nick, Stephen] [18]

The Hand Of Fate
Part 1 [Ditzy (OC), Lester, Connor, Ryan, OCs] [18]
Part 2 [Ditzy (OC), Lester, OCs] [18]
Part 3 [Ditzy (OC), OC] [18]
Part 4 [Ditzy (OC), OCs] [18]
Part 5 [Ditzy (OC), Lester, OCs] [18]
Part 6 [Ditzy/Lester] [18]
Part 7 [Lester, Ditzy/Lyle, SFOCs] [18]
Part 8 [Ditzy, Lester, Ryan, Jenny] [18]
Part 9 [Ditzy/Lester, Lyle, Finn, Blade, Kermit] [18]
Part 10 [Ditzy/Lester, Lyle, Jenny, Blade] [18]
Part 11 [Ditzy/Lester] [18]
Part 12 [Ditzy/Lester] [18]
Kith And Kin [Lester/Ditzy (OC), Jenny, Connor, Lyle (OC), Finn (OC), OCs] [18]

A Gathering Of Forces series
Honour Among Thieves [Abby Maitland, Connor Temple, Tom Ryan, Danny Quinn, James Lester, Rex, OCs] [12]
The Darkness Of Ignorance [Stephen Hart, Nick Cutter, James Lester, Finn (OC), OCs] [15]
Curses And Misdirections [Connor Temple, Sarah Page, Finn (OC), OCs] [15]
Stranger In A Strange Land [Jenny Lewis, Finn (OC), James Lester] [12]
Oaths Given And Promises Made [Matt Anderson, Blade (OC), James Lester] [15]

Pupverse fic
Wants And Needs [James Lester, Blade (OC), The Puppies] [18]
Coming To An Understanding [James Lester/Blade (OC), Stephen] [18]
Revealed In The Night [James Lester/Blade (OC)] [18]

Unearthing An Anomaly
Unearthing An Anomaly [Stephen Hart, Nick Cutter, James Lester] [15]
Seeking Answers [Stephen Hart, Nick Cutter, James Lester, Tom Ryan, Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Danny Quinn, Jenny Lewis, Blade (OC), Finn (OC), Ditzy (OC)] [15]
Aphrodite Rising (Prequel)
Part 1 [Tom Ryan, James Lester, OCs] [18]
Part 2 [Tom Ryan, James Lester, OCs] [18]
Part 3 [Tom Ryan, James Lester] [18]
Part 4 [Tom Ryan, James Lester, Lyle (OC), Ditzy (OC)] [18]
Part 5 [Tom Ryan, James Lester, Blade (OC), Ditzy (OC)] [18]

The ARC Files
The ARC Files: The Caged Wolf [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), OCs] [15]
The ARC Files: Death Is Only The Beginning
Part 1 [Jenny Lewis, Lorraine Wickes, Mike; OCs] [18]
Part 2 [Jenny Lewis, James Lester] [18]
The ARC Files: The Locked Room Mystery [James Lester, Jenny Lewis, Jon Lyle (OC), OCs] [18]

Non-series Fics

Fear [Jenny, Lester, Nick] [15]
The Other Side Of Fear [Jenny/Lester, sequel to Fear] [15]

Kissing It Better [Lester/Leek] [18]
Keeping It Quiet [Lester, Mrs Lester (OC), sequel to Kissing It Better] [15]

First Time [Lester, Nick] [15]

Dream Lover [Lester/unknown] [15]

Please, Sir [Lester/Leek][18]

Games [Abby/Lester] [18]

An Unexpected Present [Lester/Nick] [18]

Accidental Admission [Lester/Nick, Mel Lester (OC)] [15]

After The Fact [Lester/unknown] [15]

Practice [James Lester/unknown] [18]

For The Best [Connor] [15]

Thank You [Lester/unknown] [15]

Someone To Watch Over Me [Jenny, Lester] [12]

Taking Care [Lester/Ryan] [18]

Dreams Fulfilled [Lester, Leek] [18]

Prove [Helen] [15]

Celebrating Victory [Lester/Nick] [18]

New Beginnings [Lester/Nick] [18]
Musings In The Past [Lester/Nick, sequel to New Beginnings] [12]
Back Home [Lester/Nick, sequel to Musings in the Past] [18]

Near Miss [Lester/Nick] [15]

Survivors [Jenny, Lester, Nick] [15]

Experimental Error [Lester/Nick] [18]

Complication [Lester, OC] [12]

Aftermath [Lester/Ryan] [15]
And It Had All Started So Well... [Lester/Ryan, Blade (OC), Ditzy (OC), Nick,  Jenny, prequel to Aftermath] [18]

TLC [Lester/Nick/Ryan, Jenny] [18]

Maintaining Standards [Jenny, Lester] [12]

Snuggles and Chocolate [Connor/Lester] [18]

Lazy Sunday [Lester/Nick, OMF] [18]
Meeting The Neighbour [Lester/Nick, OMF, OC] [15]

The Best Thing [Connor, (Connor/Lester)] [18]
Even Better [Connor/Lester] [18]

Tidying Up [Connor} [12]
Caught In The Act [Connor, Lester, sequel to Tidying Up] [18]
Now What Happens To Me? [Connor. Lester, sequel to Caught In The Act] [15]
What Do You Want? [Lester/Connor, sequel to Now What Happens To Me?] [18]

Battle Lines [Lester] [15]

How To Improve A Bad Day [Lester/Ryan] [18]
Hard Day In The Office [Lester/Ryan] [18]

Any Excuse [Lester/Stephen] [18]

Fallout [Lester/Stephen] [18]
Decisions [Lester/Stephen, Nick] [18]
Revelation [Lester/Stephen, Nick] [18]

Marked [Lester/Stephen] [18]

Cold Showers and Surprises [Lester/Stephen] [18]

Not A Picnic [Lester, Lyle] [12]

Gaining A Pet [Lester, Nick] [12]

Better Than Cake [Lester/Stephen] [18]

Starting Off On The Wrong Foot [Lester, Nick, Claudia] [12]

And I Am Not A Saint [Lester/Connor] [18]

Holiday Mayhem [Lester/Stephen, OCs] [18]

Consequences [Lester, Connor] [12]
Repercussions [Lester/Connor] [18]
Issues [Lester/Connor, Abby] [15]

Contrasting Comforts [Lester/Stephen] [15]

Pushing and Shoving [Lester/Stephen] [18]

How To Cure Boredom On A Train [Ryan/Stephen] [18]

Bunged Up And Blow [Lester/Stephen] [18]

Making Sure [Lester, Abby] [12]

Unexpected Outcome [Ryan/Stephen] [12]

Payback [James Lester/Philip Burton, dark!fic] [18]
The Ripple Effect [James Lester, Team, OCs - sequel to Payback] [18]
Part 1
Part 2

[James Lester, Nick Cutter, Jenny Lewis] [15]

Looking After Ryan [James Lester/Tom Ryan] [18]

Tea And Crackers [James Lester, Nick Cutter] [12 - Crackfic]
More Tea And Crackers [James Lester, Nick Cutter, Claudia Brown, Ditzy (OC)] [12 - Crack!fic]
Return To The Madhouse [James Lester, Nick Cutter] [12 - Crack!fic]

Slippery When Wet [Ryan/Stephen, Connor, Lyle (OC)] [18]

A New Start [Nick/Stephen pre-slash] [12]

Reports, Deans And Paperwork [James Lester/Nick Cutter] [18]

Home Is In Your Arms [Stephen Hart/Tom Ryan] [18]

A Special Treat [James Lester/Connor Temple] [18]

Teething Problems [James Lester/Connor Temple] [15]
Anything You Want [James Lester/Connor Temple] [18]

I Told You You'd Like It [Becker/Lester] [18]

The Comfort After The Hurt [James Lester, Connor Temple] [18]

Mine [James Lester/Ditzy (OC)] [18]
Reward Or Punishment? [James Lester/Ditzy (OC)] [18]

Just The Two Of Us [James Lester, Mrs Lester (OC)] [12]
Lessons In Life [James Lester, sequel to Just The Two Of Us] [12]
Flesh And Stone [James Lester] [12]

Beginning The New Year With A Bang (Secret Santa 2012
 [James Lester/Connor Temple/Hilary Becker, Jess Parker] [18]

Christmas Gift [James Lester/Tom Ryan] [18]

In Charge [Oliver Leek/James Lester, team] [18 - dark]

Forced [Nick Cutter, Oliver Leek, James Lester] [18 non-con]

Carnivals And Secrets [James Lester/Stephen Hart] [12]

Taking A Ride On Danny's Bike [Becker/Danny] [18

Better Than Expected [Becker/Ryan] [18]

What Was Missed [James Lester/Stephen Hart] [15]

Lieutenant Owen's Prescription For The Relaxation Of Stubborn Civil Servants [James Lester/Ditzy (OC)] [18]

You Can Never Go Back [Emily Merchant] [12]

Oops [James Lester/Connor Temple] [15]

Queen Takes Knight [Claudia Brown, Helen Cutter, Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart, James Lester, Connor Temple] [18]
Part 1 
Part 2
Part 3

Lost And Found [Nick Cutter/Stephen Hart] [18]

Exactly His Type [James Lester/Stephen Hart] [18]
Ties [James Lester/Stephen Hart, sequel to Exactly His Type] [18]
Down To Business [James Lester/Stephen Hart] [18]

Best Day Ever [James Lester/Stephen Hart] [18]

I'm Not Going To Leave [Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart, James Lester, Jenny Lewis] [15]

Total Trust [James Lester/Connor Temple] [18]

Be Careful What You Wish For [Becker/Lester] [18]
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Not A Good Day [Lester/Becker, Jess] [18]
Part 1
Part 2
All's Well That Ends Well [James Lester/Hilary Becker, sequel to Not A Good Day] [18]

In No Rush [James Lester/Stephen Hart] [15]

Can We Keep It? [James Lester/Jon Lyle (OC)] [18]

Silver Lining [James Lester/Connor Temple, Ann (OC)] [18]

Murphy's Law [Hilary Becker/Connor Temple/James Lester] [18]

I've Got You [Becker/Connor, Jess, Lyle (OC)] [18]

Communicansque Convivium [Lester/Ditzy, set in Fifi's Roman AU] [18]

Perfect (Secret Santa for Kerry Louise)
Part 1 [Becker/Lester, Lorraine, Blade (OC)] [18]
Part 2 [Becker/Lester] [18]
Best Made Plans [Lester/Becker, sequel to Perfect] [12]

Selection [Ryan/Lester, OCs] [18]
Who Dares Wins [Ryan, Lester, Lyle (OC)] [15]

Underground, Overground [James Lester, Nick Cutter, Jenny Lewis, Unnamed Others] [12]

King Of Wishful Thinking [Danny/Ryan, Lester, Claudia, Cutter, Becker, Connor, Anderson, Finn (OC)] [18]

Fools And Lovers [James Lester/Nick Cutter] [18]

Never Good Enough [Hilary Becker/Tom Ryan] [18]

The Stuff Of Nightmares [James Lester/David "Ditzy" Owen (OC)] [15]

Choices [James Lester/Stephen Hart] [12]

Coming Home [Tom Ryan/James Lester] [12]

Slumming It [James Lester, Nick Cutter, Team] [15]

Thursdays [Stephen Hart, Sarah Page] [12]

A Good Night [James Lester/Stephen Hart] [18]

Catch Of The Day [Danny Quinn, James Lester, OCs] [18]

Awakening The Beast [James Lester/Danny Quinn, Dark!fic] [18]

Memories Of A Different Life [James Lester, Christine Johnson, Tom Ryan, Team] [18]
Part 1 
Part 2

Holiday Interrupted [Nick Cutter/Stephen Hart, Team] [12]

What Was He Thinking? [James Lester, Connor Temple] [12]

Breaking Up Is Easy [James Lester/Danny Quinn, Team] [15]

Behind The Scenes [Stephen/Ryan, Becker/Danny, Abby, Nick] [12]

Lockdown [James Lester, Connor Temple] [15]

Tempering [James Lester, Connor Temple] [12]

Belittled For The Last Time [Oliver Leek, Helen Cutter] [12]

Two Into One [James Lester/Tom Ryan] [18]

Playing God [James Lester, Nick Cutter, Tom Ryan, Stephen Hart, Ditzy (OC) - deathfic] [18]

Only One Way [Hilary Becker, dark!fic] [18]

Debts Owed [James Lester, Monty] [12]

Penfriends [(Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart, James Lester) - Crack!fic] [12]

Luck Of The Draw [James Lester/Tom Ryan] [18]

Not His World [Nick Cutter] [12]

Inter-government Cooperation [James Lester, Abby Maitland, Team] [12]

Epiphany [Tom Ryan, Claudia Brown, Nick Cutter - death!fic] [15]

Plans For The Weekend [Connor Temple/James Lester] [12]

Rewarding Good Behaviour [James Lester, Lorraine Wickes, Team] [12]

When Worlds Collide [James Lester, Connor Temple, Hilary Becker, Danny Quinn, Jenny Lewis, Abby Maitland, Lorraine Wickes, OCs] [15]

Finding Acceptance [James Lester/Hilary Becker] [18]

Coping With The End Of The World [James Lester/Hilary Becker, team] [18]

Mission: Taking Down The Farms [James Lester/Tom Ryan, Danny Quinn, OCs] [18]
Life After The Farm [Danny Quinn] [15]
Refusing To Surrender [Danny Quinn, OCs] [18]

Proving Worthy [Abby, Becker, Blade (OC), Connor, Danny, Jess, Lester, Ryan] [15]

Truth Revealed [James Lester, Danny Quinn] [12]
Declaration Of Interests [James Lester/Danny Quinn] [15]
Nighttime Interlude [James Lester/Danny Quinn] [18]

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained [James Lester, Hilary Becker] [12]

Becker's Terrible Day [Hilary Becker/James Lester, Abby Maitland, Danny Quinn, Monty] [12]

Second Chances [Danny Quinn/James Lester, Hilary Becker, Team] [18]

Not With A Bang [Connor Temple] [18]

Cast Aside [Becker] [12]

To Fast Cars And Winning [Tom Ryan/Stephen Hart, Abby Maitland, James Lester, Connor Temple] [15]

Taking A Chance [James Lester, Tom Ryan] [12]

Hang On For Me [Nick Cutter/James Lester] [12]

Fretting [James Lester/Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]

New Bonds, New Families [Becker/Lester, OCs, brief appearance of Leek] [18]
Culture Clash [Becker/Lester] [15]

Will Worker [Helen Cutter] [12]

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time [James Lester/Tom Ryan] [15]
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